An arrest warrant or commitment may be issued for you if you:

  • Fail to respond to the citation as promised by appearing at your arraignment, trial or other court proceeding as ordered by the judge.
  • Fail to complete your sentence by paying your fine/fees in full, fail to complete your community service by the date stipulated by the court, or you fail to comply with other sentencing requirements, such as but not limited to, education classes, as stipulated by the judge.

The warrant or commitment may be executed by law enforcement officials wherever you are located, including your home and your place of employment.



To confirm whether or not an arrest warrant or commitment has been issued for you, you may call the Court’s Warrant Office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 212-0221. It will be necessary for you to provide the clerk with your name, any aliases, including maiden names and nicknames, your date of birth, and the citation number, if possible.



To recall an arrest warrant it is necessary for you to pay the fine/fines in full or to post bond in the amount of the bond schedule. If you would like to contest your case after posting bond, please make sure to submit a written request for a court date along with your bond payment or, if you are paying in person, make sure to complete the form given to you by the cashiers. If you do not request a court date, the court will accept your payment as the fine. Once a warrant has been issued and paid in full, a $ 50.00 warrant fee will be added to your fine upon conviction. A notice informing you of the additional fee and conviction will be mailed to you.



The City of El Paso contracts with a collection agency for the collection of arrest warrants/commitments, warrant fees and delinquent parking citations. It is likely that the collection agency will contact you by mail and by phone regarding your delinquent citation. Once placed with the agency, a 30% fee will be added to the amount owed.



Texas Residents: In accordance with State Law, Texas residents who fail to appear in court or fail to pay or satisfy an ordered judgment as required by law may be denied the renewal of their driver’s license, and assessed an additional fee. The County Tax Assessor will also deny the registration of your motor vehicle.
Out of State Residents: In accordance with the Texas Non-Resident Violator’s Compact Agreement El Paso Municipal Court may notify the driver’s licensing department of your state of arrest warrants issued for you. Driver’s license suspension proceedings may be initiated against you.



If convicted on a charge of "No Driver's license" or "Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility" (no insurance), the Texas Department of Public Safety will add a surcharge to obtain a driver's license. For a list of surcharges, please check the TXDPS web-site:

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If convicted of a second charge of FTMFR (no insurance), DPS will suspend your driver's license. For more information on suspensions/revocations, please check the TX DPS web-site:

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