Municipal Courts

Fines - Common Violations

Fine Schedule AFTER Jan 1 2020
El Paso Municipal Court Bond Fine Schedule

Below is a list of the most common violations. If your violation does not appear here, please call 915-212-0215, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please note that these amounts apply to cases paid before arraignment or trial and are subject to acceptance by the judge. At arraignment or trial, the judge of the court in which your case is docketed may fine you within the fine range stipulated by law. Please be advised that the fine amount may be higher than the bond amounts shown here.

* On violations occurring in a construction zone when workers are present, please call 915-212-0215 for the correct amount.
* On moving violations occurring in a school zone, bond amounts increase by $25.00.
* On moving violations causing an accident, bond amounts increase by $50.00.

IF YOU RECEIVED A VIOLATION PRIOR TO JANUARY 1, 2020 please call 915-212-0215 for correct balances or click on [Let's Chat!] located on our main page.

Common Traffic Violations  
Backing Vehicle Unsafely $180.00
Cell Phone Violation $131.00
Changing Lanes – Failure to Signal $195.00
Changing Lanes Unsafely $195.00
Changing Lanes Unsafely/Causing an Accident $210.10
Commercial Driving License Violations $142.00
Cutting through Property $180.00
Defective Equipment/Headlight $165.00
Defective Equipment/Brake or Stop Light $165.00
Defective Equipment/Muffler $165.00
Defective Equipment/Seatbelt $180.00
Defective Equipment/Tail Light $165.00
Defective Equipment/Windshield $165.00
Defective Vehicle Emission $180.00
Disregarding an Officer $195.00
Disregard Barricade $180.00
Driver’s License Violations (Exp. NOL; No NOL) $142.00
Driving on Median or Shoulder Lane $180.00
Texting on Cell Phone $131.00
Driving Without Headlights $180.00
Driving with Bright Lights $180.00
Exhibition of Speed/Accel $185.00
Failure to Control Speed $195.00
Failure to Control Speed/Causing an Accident $245.00
Failure to Give Information/After Accident $235.00
Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (FTMFR) 1st offense $292.00
Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (FTMFT) 2nd offense $431.00
Failure to Signal Lane Change $195.00
Failure to Signal Turn $195.00
Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device $180.00
Failure to Yield Right of Way at Controlled Intersection $220.00
Failure to Yield Right of Way at Controlled Intersection/Causing Accident $270.00
Failure to Yield Right of Way Before Making Left Turn $195.00
Failure to Yield Right of Way Before Entering From Private Driveway $195.00
Following Too Closely $195.00
Following Too Closely/Causing An Accident $245.00
Impeding Traffic $180.00
Incorrect Left or Right Turn $180.00
Incorrect Left or Right Turn/Causing an Accident $230.00
Jaywalking $92.00
Left Turn from Wrong Lane $195.00
Modified Lights $194.00
Modified Vehicle $180.00
Motor Carrier Safety Violations $295.00
No Front/Rear Plate $165.00
Motor Vehicle Inspection Sticker $180.00
No Seatbelt/Driver $180.00
No Seatbelt/Passenger over 15 years of age $180.00
No Seat Belt/Child 5 to 17 years of age $294.00
No Child Safety Seat: 2 to 4 years of age $294.00
No Child Safety Seat: Under 2 years of age $294.00
Overtaking a School Bus/Loading or Unloading $659.00
Pass in School Zone $245.00
Passing in No Pass Zone $180.00
Pedestrian/Walk Against Pedestrian Control Sign $108.00
Racing $245.00
Red Light Violation $220.00
Red Light Violation Causing Accident $270.00
Registration/No or Expired Motor Vehicle Plates $127.00
Registration/Out of Town Unregistered Vehicle $292.00
Registration/Two Step Process $284.00
Stop Sign $220.00
Stop Sign/Causing Accident $270.00
Straddling Lanes $195.00
Truck Route Violations $180.00
Alcohol and Tobacco  
Public Intoxication $122.00
Alcohol Detectable $342.00
Open Container in Vehicle $241.00
Open Container in Urban District $242.00
Minor in Possession of Alcohol $142.00
Minor in Possession of Tobacco $142.00
Animal Control Violations  
Animal Not Confined $112.00
Animal Registration $107.00
Animal Vaccination $117.00
Building Code Violations  
Building Permit/None $337.00
Remodel Without Permit $337.00
Water Violations  
Watering on Wrong Day $162.00
Watering on Wrong Time $134.00
Water Running onto Street $137.00
Assault – Simple $242.00
Bonfire/Rubbish $127.00
Criminal Mischief $292.00
Curfew: Can not be paid prior to appearance before the Judge $167.00
Disorderly Conduct $192.00
Failure to Identify $292.00
Littering/Dumping $342.00
In Park after Hours $122.00
Parking on the Front/ Sideyard $192.00
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia $192.00
Possession of Fireworks $191.00
Theft Under $100.00 $242.00
Urinating in Public $127.00
Common Class C Violations  
Alcohol- Urban District Open Cont $242.00
Alcohol- Consumption Non-lic Premit $342.00
Alcohol- Consumption Of A Minor $141.00
Alcohol- Minor In Possession $142.00
Alcohol- Open Cont In Vehicel $241.00
Alcohol- Urban District Open Container $242.00
Animal-microchip $117.00
Animal-miscellaneous $112.00
Animal-not Confined $112.00
Animal-registration $107.00
Animal-vaccination $117.00
City Park- After Hours $122.00
Criminal Mischief $292.00
Curfew-juvenile: Cannot Be Paid Prior To Appearance Before The Judge $167.00
Disorderly Conduct $192.00
Drug Paraphernalia- Possess $192.00
Failure To Identify $292.00
Littering/dumping $342.00
Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia $192.00
Public Intoxication $122.00
Solict/sell/distribute On Roadway $127.00
Theft Under $100.00 $242.00
Urinating In Public $127.00