May 09, 2009 – General Election Campaign Reports

Office Sought Name 30th day before 8th day before 15th day after campaign treasurer appointment Over $500 Final Report 8th Day Before Run-Off
Mayor Henderson, David E.            
  Catucci, Alfrank PDF PDF        
  Cook, John PDF PDF        
  Mendez, Lee            
  Rivera, Carlos PDF PDF     PDF  
  Haddad, Gus PDF PDF PDF PDF     PDF  
  Jackson, Fred J.         PDF  
  Mendoza, Alejandro            
District 2 Chaheine, Yamil PDF PDF     PDF  
  Barton, Howard V. PDF PDF        
  Byrd, Susie PDF PDF     PDF  
  Ratcliff, James R.         PDF  
District 3 Lozano, Jose Alexandro PDF PDF PDF        
  Acosta, Emma PDFPDF PDF        
District 4 Cain, Gracie PDF PDF     PDF  
  Robinson, Carl L. PDF PDF       PDF
  Ruiz, Luis PDF PDF     PDF  
  Burds, Brian J. PDF PDF        
  Castro, Melina PDF PDF PDF PDF     PDF PDF
  Phillips, Walt PDF PDF     PDF  
District 7 Munoz, Trini PDF PDF        
  Ortega, Steve PDF PDF        
  Larson, Robert PDF PDF        
Municipal Court No. 1 Ramirez, Maria   PDF        
Municipal Court No. 2 Munoz, Maximino D.   PDF        
Municipal Court No. 3 Bonilla, David A.            
Municipal Court No. 4 Lay, Cheryl S. PDF PDF        
  Olivo, Rick PDF PDF        
Municipal Court No. 5 Robledo, Daniel “Danny”            
Judge of the El Paso Municipal Court of Appeals Holmes Jr., Odell S.         PDF  

General-Purpose Committee

Citizens for Fair & Equal Government


Specific-Purpose Committee

Citizens for Flood Prevention





As provided by state law, the Office of the City Clerk is the appropriate filing authority for various campaign-related forms required by law to be filed by a candidate for a City of El Paso elected office.

By law, the City Clerk does not supervise, direct or otherwise advise candidates regarding the forms required or content included in any form filed with the Office of the City Clerk.

As a service to the public, the various forms that have been filed with the El Paso City Clerk are posted below.

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