Information Technology

Records Management

The Records Management Division provides solutions and support to all departments throughout the lifecycle of their records. We work with the city departments through their appointed records liaisons & coordinators to enhance efficiency in managing records in all formats. This is done in accordance with the city records ordinance as well as state requirements for local government records as set by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission. Regular training is provided to develop awareness on roles and responsibilities and enhance understanding on contemporary and fundamental issues in records and information management.

 We are located in the basement of Mulligan Building (City 2) at 218 North Campbell, just across the street from City Hall (City 1).



City Records Ordinance  

Prescribes the policies and procedures that govern the records management program for the city as approved by the city council.



Request for records

These are handled by the City Attorney’s Office via this link: Open Records Requests


City Employees:

The following forms are available on the Intranet under “Miscellaneous Forms”

The following Procedures are available on the Intranet under “Management Toolkit - Other”


Records Retention Schedules

These retention schedules are prepared by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission (TSLAC) and adopted for use by the City of El Paso in accordance with the Texas local government records act.

EL: Records of Elections and Voter Registration

GR:Records Common to All Local Governments

HR: Records of Public Health Agencies

LC: Records of Justice and Municipal Courts

PS: Records of Public Safety Agencies (Police, Fire, EMS, ME, etc.)

PW: Records of Public Works and other Government Services

TX: Records of Property Taxation

UT: Records of Utility Services