Digital El Paso

Digital El PasoDigital El Paso wireless internet is primarily deployed and managed by the City of El Paso. There are currently 18 Quality of Life facilities such as Museums, public library branches and Parks and Recreation facilities; and 28 City facilities to include Transit terminals, transfer centers and the El Paso International Airport. 

Current Public Digital El Paso Sites

Archeology Museum - 4301 Woodrow Bean/Transmountain Road Marty Robbins Recreation Center-11600 Vista Del Sol
Digital Wall - 510 N Santa Fe Street  Multipurpose Center-9031 Viscount
Museum of History-510 Santa Fe Pat O'Rourke Recreation Center/Pool-901 N Virgina St
Acosta Sports Center - 4321 Delta Dr. Pavo Real Recreation Center-9301 Alameda Ave.
Armijo Recreation Center-710 E. Seventh Ave. Polly Harris Senior Center - 650 Wallenberg Dr.
Don Haskins Recreation Center-7400 High Ridge San Juan Recreation Center-701 N. Glenwood Pl.
Father Martinez Senior Center-9301 Alameda Ave. South El Paso Senior Center-600 S. Ochoa
Galatzan Recreation Center-650 Wallenberg Eastside Terminal-1165 Sunmount
Happiness Senior Center - 563 N. Carolina St. Glory Road Transfer Center-100 E. Glory Road
Hilos De Plata Senior Center-4452 Delta Dr. Nestor A. Valencia Mission Valley Transfer Center-9051 Alameda Ave.
Leo Cancellare Pool - 650 Wallenberg Dr. El Paso Zoo - 4001 E Paisano Dr.
Leona Ford Washington Recreation Center-3400 Missouri

Map of All Digital El Paso Sites

El Paso Zoo Web Camera Project

El Paso ZooThe El Paso Zoo Webcam Project further expands the Zoo’s ability to reach City residents thereby enhancing El Paso’s quality of life through this recreational and educational opportunity. 

The El Paso Zoo currently offers live web cams at the Giraffe and Meerkat exhibits.  As part of the improvements and expansion happening at the El Paso Zoo, the department will soon be introducing 8 new live webcams at other animal exhibits. The webcams will provide the ability to:

  • Present educational webinars
  • Attract visitors to experience animal encounters
  • Allow citizens to enjoy observing animals virtually 
  • Provide the Zoo Educational Program a method to capture and observe animal behaviors

Network Equipment Upgrade

In conjunction with the City's fiber optic expansion, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and Digital El Paso expansion projects, the Network Equipment Upgrade project has included the upgrade and/or installation of network equipment across multiple City facilities resulting in:

  • One standard for infrastructure equipment
  • Improved network speeds and telecommunications services and features
  • Enhanced constituent services through improved connection reliability and performance
  • A developed and sustained solid technological foundation