Human Resources

Human Resource Policies

HR Policies Memo
Affirmative Action - EEOP
Americans with Disabilities Act
Applications and Appeals Policy
Background Investigation Policy
Birthday Holiday Policy
Cell Phone Allowance Program
Certification and Hiring Policy
CDL Safety Incentive Policy
City Vehicle Metered Parking Policy
Classification Policy
Civilian Background investigation Policy
COVID-19 Administrative Leave Guidelines (Updated)
Disciplinary Policy and Matrix
Documentation to Employee File Policy
Drivers Safety Standards Policy
Drug-Free Workplace Policy
Electronic Communications Policy
Emergency Day/Time Off Policy
Examination Standards and Rating Policy
Executive Safety Committee Policy
Fire and Police Trainees
Flexible Schedules Policy
FMLA Leave of Absence
Formal Counseling
Formal Counseling - Appeal
Furlough Policy
Fundraising and Solicitation Policy
Grievance - Rule 14
Hours of Work Policy
Landfill Additional Pay Policy
Lay-off and Placement Process
Memo New Employees Leave

Military Leave Policy
Neutral Reference Policy
Non-Discrimination Policy
Non-Exempt Employee Travel Policy
Non-FMLA Leave of Absence

Off the Clock Work and Remote Access Device Policy for Non-Exempt Employees
Open Records Request Policy
On Call Pay Policy
Ordinance 15410 Discrimination
Outside Employment Policy
Overpayment Recovery and Wage Deduction Policy
Perfect Attendance Program
Pilot Shift Differential
Professional Appearance Standards
Promotional Process Policy
Provisional and Temporary Appointment Policy
Public Safety Communications Civilian Higher-Level Assignment Pay Policy
Regular Part-time Employees Policy
Relocation Expense Policy
Right to Express Breast Milk in the Workplace Policy
Safety Policy
Salary Deduction for Exempt Employees Policy
Separation from Service Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures
Shared Leave Program
Shared Parental Leave Policy
Sick Leave Use and Investigation of Sick Leave Abuse Policy
Social Media Policy
Stress Management Policy - Non-Uniformed Employees
Telecommuting Policy
Transitional Duty Policy
Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy
Tuition Assistance Policy
U-Matter Award Program
Unclassified Services Policy
Vacation Leave Policy
Vehicle Allowance Program Policy
Violence In The Work Place Policy
Visitor Policy City 1 City 2 and City 3 Buildings
Wellness Incentive Program Policy