Human Resources

Transfer List

As stated in CSC Rules and Regulations, Rule 5 Section 12:

Whenever an employee in any department of the City wishes to transfer to a position in another department, the employee must be recommended by the transferring department and must have not been disciplined or placed on a performance improvement plan in the last 12 months. Employee shall retain his grade and pay rate, provided: (Amended 7/31/07, 8/25/09, 9/17/13)

The position the employee wishes to transfer to must be in the same class and grade as the one from which the transfer is to be made; or The employee has been performing services substantially similar in nature and having similar requirements, as to education and experience to those of the new position, as determined by the Human Resources Director. Seniority credit where applicable will be given to the employee for the number of years he has been performing similar work in the former department. (Amended 2/1/94, 8/7/07)

Note: The job title the employee is currently in must exist in the department making the selection. Only regular City employees are eligible for transfer.

Employees wishing to be placed on the transfer list must fill out the form below and submit the original to the Civil Service Commission Recorder located in the Human Resources Department.


Transfer Request Form