Human Resources

Complain & Grievance

How to File a Formal Complaint

The City desires to provide and maintain a harmonious work environment that is free of hostility and discrimination. If you ever need to file a complaint the form, 'Complaint Intake Form' may be used to communicate the details of your good faith complaint. The form can be found on the Public drive under City forms folder or via the following path: City Public drive > City Forms folder > Complaint Form folder

How to File a Grievance

Employees have the right to file a grievance in accordance with Rule 14. In order to properly file a grievance the attached form must be used and processed according to the timelines provided. The grievance process is not intended to be used for conflict in the work place or complaints that may be filed relating to matters such as sexual harassment, hostile workplace claims or retaliation.

To start the Grievance process employees must fill out the Grievance form within ten (10) days of the incident causing the grievance. The Grievance process can be found at the end of the Grievance Form located in: City Public drive > City Forms folder > Grievance Forms folder