Human Resources

Appeal To CSC

Employees who wish to file appeals of Suspension, Demotion or Termination must follow the following steps:

  1. Employee must bring complete Notice of Suspension, Termination, or Demotion to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Recorder located in the City’s Human Resources Department.
  2. The employee must fill out the appropriate appeal form (located below) and file it with the CSC Recorder who will explain the process.
  3. CSC Recorder will assign a CSC Hearing Officer and CSC Case# to appeal filed.
  4. The employee will be notified by letter of the assigned CSC Hearing Officer to their appeal.

If you have further questions you can call the City’s Human Resources Department at 212-0045 and request to speak with the CSC Recorder.


Miscellaneous Appeal Form
Suspension Appeal Form
Termination Appeal Form
Withdrawal of Appeal