Fire Department

About EPFD

The El Paso Fire Department is a full-service fire department. We respond to all calls involving fires, medical emergencies, and hazardous materials events in the City of El Paso. Specialized teams respond to water, mountain, and technical rescues. We also respond to many other types of emergency events. The department provides mutual aid to Fort Bliss Military Base and the County of El Paso under the terms of the Mutual Aid Agreements. When an emergency event occurs the role of the Fire Department is to arrive on the scene as quickly and safely as possible in order to provide assistance and mitigate the emergency.

The Fire Department responds to over 70,000 emergency calls annually. The Fire Department utilizes resources from the community to limit the number and types of emergencies that occur. The inspectors of the Fire Prevention Division help ensure that the building and fire codes are followed. All businesses are inspected for fire hazards annually. If inspectors find any, the owner or occupant is required to fix them and bring them up to the requirements of the code. Investigators help ensure that suspicious fires are thoroughly investigated and people that commit these types of fires are brought to justice. The Public Education unit trains citizens and children in fire safety and how to use fire extinguishers.

These are some of the ways that your Fire Department helps keep the city a safe place to live. The Fire Department is rated an ISO Class 1 department showing the dedication, training, equipment, and progress we have made to ensure the citizens of El Paso have the best department possible.

The department provides Paramedic and Ambulance service to the community. A Medical Director oversees the operation of the division and ensures a high-degree of emergency medical service is delivered.

Who we are

The El Paso Fire Department consists of many different employees including: