The Environmental Services Department's (ESD) Code Compliance Division focuses on protecting the health, safety, and quality of life for the residents of El Paso. Code Compliance ensures residential and commercial properties are following city ordinances and municipal codes by inspecting properties that may be in violation of these regulations.

The Code Compliance Division is composed of three programs, Environmental Nuisance, Vector Control, and Recycle Right El Paso. ESD's Code Compliance also participates in outreach initiatives to educate the public by attending community events and presentations. CLICK HERE to request a presentation.

By collaborating with residents, neighborhood associations, and businesses we can work together to keep El Paso clean and beautiful.

Environmental Nuisance investigates common code violations such as overgrown weeds, junked vehicles, or sidewalk obstructions. The program also handles requirements involving permitted or licensed facilities such as public laundries, public pools, and tattoo studios.

Vector Control is responsible for activities such as; eradicating mosquitos in city public right-of-ways, investigating select insect and rodent infestations, and stagnant water concerns. The program also fogs throughout the El Paso and surrounding county municipalities.

Vector Control does not provide services for the removal, relocation, or eradication of bees due to State regulations related to bees. Vector Control does not provide a referral list for providers of bee services and is not associated with any provider.  However, Vector Control advocates the removal and relocation of bees in lieu of eradication whenever possible. The Vector Control Team does not respond to cases of gnats and flies or other pest removal services.  

Recycle Right El Paso ensures that residents are recycling right by placing proper items in the blue recycling container. The program actively promotes and educates our community on the importance of recycling in El Paso.