Economic Development


The Redevelopment division for the City of El Paso promotes efforts that eliminate urban blight, by promoting infill development, redevelopment, rehabilitation and Historic Preservation. We also believe these efforts enhance opportunities for the City of El Paso to create new jobs, increase the tax base, revitalize neighborhoods, and improve the overall Quality of Life for El Paso residents. Redevelopment incentives are available for businesses and commercial property owners throughout the city looking to redevelop, re-use or preserve vacant land or existing buildings. The City of El Paso encourages the redevelopment of existing properties or vacant infill land for uses of mixed-use properties, multi-family housing and commercial/industrial.


Infill Development Incentive Policy

The purpose of the City's Infill Development Incentive Policy is to provide financial incentives to develop vacant and underutilized properties within the City limits. The City recognizes there may be physical and monetary challenges to developing such parcels and as such, have provided financial incentives to make it economically-feasible to do so. As an additional source of financing to assist in funding a project, the City not only seeks to develop vacant and underutilized lots, but also to promote high-quality development.


Downtown Management District (DMD) Administered Programs

Downtown Management Commercial Façade Improvement Grant Program

The purpose of the Downtown Commercial Façade Improvement Grant Program (The Program) is to provide funding to existing business and/or property owners to make improvements to the exterior of buildings located in the boundaries of the program area. The DMD encourages interested applicants to schedule an appointment to meet with the DMD regarding the outlined requirements contained in this document for participation in the Program.

The Program will provide matching grant funds on a reimbursement basis only for approved eligible exterior renovation improvements that are attached to or a part of a physical building structure to include restoration, preservation, and/or rehabilitation of commercial property within the eligible area of Downtown El Paso.

DMD - Program Administrator Contact Information

El Paso Downtown Management District
201 E. Main, Suite 107 • El Paso, TX 79901
Main Phone: (915) 400-2294
Terry Mais – Office & Project Coordinator (Records / Administration), ext. 102; Email: