Keep the end-result in mind

Know that the local government, project contractors or private developers are doing everything possible to resolve issues. It is in everyone’s best interest to complete the projects on time with minimal delays and disruptions.  Project delays may happen due to severe weather or utility lines that leak, break, or that were unmarked or buried.  Important work is happening even though you can’t always see it;  if you perceive a problem, call the project manager to find a resolution (not on-site construction workers).  

It is important to emphasize to your team that construction workers are just doing their job as instructed by their supervisors.  The most effective way to have matters resolved is to communicate with supervisors and project managers.  For this reason, again, keep the project managers contact information readily available.

Always remember, the end-result will be beneficial.  With this positive outlook, plan and be prepared so your business can continue to thrive. 

Relocation is not always the answer

Construction is necessary, so moving may only locate your business in a future construction zone. It may be best to stay the course and benefit from the end-result.