On February 16, 2017, the Mayor and City Council gathered for a strategic planning session where they reviewed the accomplishments of the 2015 Strategic Plan and approved the addition of the “20 in 2020” visionary initiatives and adjustments to specific strategies.

Additionally, the strategic plan was amended to incorporate strategies from the Resiliency Plan. The Resiliency Plan is the result of a three-year effort in which the City of El Paso partnered with the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Network to identify how El Paso can be better prepared to survive, adapt, and thrive no matter the chronic shocks or stresses.

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For a complete listing of the adopted strategies, please click below under each goal:

Visionary initiatives adopted by City Council 

Resilience strategies included in the Strategic Plan

Language added/amended by City Council action

  • Strategic Goals and Strategies

    • 1.) Create an Environment Conducive to Strong Sustainable Economic Development
    • 2.) Set the Standard for a Safe and Secure City
    • 3.) Promote the Visual Image of El Paso
    • 4.) Enhance El Paso’s Quality of Life through Recreational, Cultural and Educational Environments
    • 5.) Promote Transparent and Consistent Communication Amongst All Members of the Community
    • 6.) Set the Standard for Sound Governance and Fiscal Management
    • 7.) Enhance and Sustain El Paso’s Infrastructure Network
    • 8.) Nurture and Promote a Healthy, Sustainable Community


    Goal 1: (2015) (2016)

    Goal 2: (2015) (2016)

    Goal 3: (2015) (2016)

    Goal 4: (2015) (2016)

    Goal 5: (2015) (2016)

    Goal 6: (2015) (2016)

    Goal 7: (2015) (2016)

    Goal 8: (2015) (2016)