The El Paso Neighborhood Coalition (EPNC) is a  citywide network of neighborhood associations that communicate and support each other.

Neighborhood associations in each of 
the City Planning Areas - East,
Northeast, Northwest, Central and Mission Valley - elect a Neighborhood Council/board and a Chairperson to represent neighborhood interests city wide. The Coalition hosts a monthly meeting with speakers addressing issues and concerns affecting El Paso neighborhoods. 

Contact Neighborhood Services at (915) 212-1682 for a referral to your Neighborhood Council for additional support.

EPNC Bylaws


The Neighborhood Council members are: 

Chairperson    Mike Adjemiam   (915) 772-7102   Cielo Vista NA
Central Planning Area   Pablo Lopez   (915) 502-1222   Southside NA
East Planning Area   Bertha Adjemian 
  (915) 820-4780
  Travis White NA
Northwest Planning Area   Susan Martinez   (915) 861-1358   Zach White NA
Northeast Planning Area   Betty Ann Haliburton   (915) 228-6172   Sunrise NA
Mission Valley Planning Area   Debbie Torres   (915) 526-5306   Pueblo Viejo NA



 3rd Monday of the Month
 Meeting Places change each month to various locations across the city
 (Contact the EPNC for this month’s meeting location)
 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.