Office of Accessibility & ADA


Assessment Documents

Facility Condition Assessment
Sun Metro Accessibility Evaluation
Methodology for Barrier Removal


ADA Summary
ADA Transition Plan

Accessibility Advisory Committee Members
Accessibility Assurance Form
Accessibility Grievance Committee Rules
Accessibility Grievance Committee Form
ADA Curb Cut Demand Program Information
ADA Curb Request Form
ADA Curb Request Form Spanish
ADA Self Evaluation Form
Disability Related Services Directory
Ordinance 9779
Sign Language Interpreter Information



Question:  I am a private business and would like to be more ADA-compliant but don't have the funds to do so.  What do I do?

Answer: Community Development, through the Empower Zone has some 0% and low interest rate loans, depending on the location and situation.  Please contact Isela Robinson at 915-212-1675.