EP311 Mobile App

EP311 allows citizens to become the eyes and ears of the community.

Use the EP311 app to report a problem or request a service request from your smart phone –or from a computer.
Requests submitted from EP311 are sent to the appropriate City Department. Photographs may be easily attached. If enabled, the mobile device GPS and location services on your mobile device will to help pinpoint the service issue location –or you may enter the location yourself. The app also provides for language translation.

Service requests will be routed to the appropriate department –so you don’t have to know which department to contact.
Users will receive status updates as the service request is handled by the department.
Citizens may also View, Add Comments to, and Follow requests created by other users.

The app is available for Apple iPhone and Android devices and can be downloaded for free by searching for “EP311” in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.