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Vacant buildings can become blights upon a neighborhood if property owners fail to properly maintain and secure these buildings. Vacant buildings that are not secured often become harbors for vagrants, and serve as meeting places for people to participate in illegal activities including trespassing, starting fires, drug use, and prostitution.
The City of El Paso originally adopted a Vacant Building Ordinance on March 24, 2010 to address vacant buildings, which may become public nuisances if not maintained, and which often contribute to decreased property values and public safety in affected neighborhoods.

The vacant building registration ordinance was revised on March 5, 2013 through a City Council amendment to Title 18 (Building and Construction). It requires that certain vacant buildings registered, and that all vacant buildings be maintained and secured to prevent them from falling into dilapidated, deteriorated, or hazardous conditions. Enforcement of this new ordinance became effective immediately after the ordinance revision was adopted.

Please review the documents on this page to determine if a vacant property you are responsible for is required to be registered with the City of El Paso.

Information & Forms

Vacant Building Ordinance Forms

Revised Ordinance - Presentation
Revised Ordinance - Official Text
Registration Packet

Vacant Building Ordinance forms are now available online.

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