Recycling Tips

It's easy to recycle, here are a few rules to follow which help us recycle your products:

  • Don’t place trash that is not recyclable in the blue bin. Bins with non-recyclable material will not be collected
  • Recyclables should not contain food residue. Please rinse.
  • Do not bag your recyclables.
  • Recycle electronic waste or E-waste at a Citizen Collection Station. E-waste does not belong in the blue bin. For station locations visit our CCS page.
  • Glass should never be placed inside the blue recycling bins. The curbside recycling program does not accept glass products. 
  • Packaging may need to be separated. For example, your case of water is supported with a cardboard box and wrapped with plastic. You must separate the plastic from the cardboard since they are two different recycling materials.
  • To help you increase your recycling habits, place a recycling bin in your kitchen. When you or a family member see a recycling bin, it reminds them to recycle.
  • Place a small recycling bin in your bathroom. Remember you can recycle rinsed out shampoo, condition, and bubble bath bottles. You can also recycle the cardboard toilet paper rolls and toothpaste boxes. 

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Raeann Ortega at