TEl Paso Recycle Binhe City of El Paso Curbside Recycling Program offers residents an easy and convenient way to reduce waste and contribute to the preservation of our environment.

  • Wait until your recycling bin is at least half way full before setting it out for collection
  • Do not bag your recyclables. All items must be placed loosely into the bin
  • Make sure your blue and gray bin are placed at least 5 feet way from all objects. This includes other bins, parked vehicles, mailboxes, utility poles, etc
  • Recyclables are collected once a week, on your regular garbage collection day
  • Pickup times are subject to change. Leave bins out until 3 pm before calling 3-1-1 for a “missed garbage/recycling pickup” 
  • The opening of the lid should be facing the street
  • Avoid placing your blue recycling bins out when winds gust above 40 mph. Since most recyclable items are lightweight in nature, on windy days, items tend to blow out into the street 
  • Avoid placing your blue recycling bin out on days when temperatures drop below 20 degrees. Due to cold weather conditions, many of the collection trucks do not operate as efficiently as they regularly do.

Participation in the Curbside Recycling program is voluntary. If you do not recycle properly, you risk having the Environmental Services Department repossess your blue bin and end your household’s participation in the program. Items placed in the blue containers must be recyclables and should not be mixed with non-recyclable household waste.

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Recycling Presentations

Interested in presentations to school, community organizations and businesses? Call Environmental Services at 3-1-1