The Grants Services Division (GSD), formerly known as the Grants Office, was restructured in 2005 by the City Manager to coordinate and maximize grant writing efforts and funding, and to increase City Departments' capacity to write highly fundable applications. The GSD is a division of the Financial Services Department. The Organizational Chart below provides the structure of the GSD.

Grants Services Division Organizational Chart

The Grants Services Division (GSD) is a division of the Financial Services Department providing grant related services to City Departments. The GSD will assist Departments in the following:
  1. Grant Development - The GSD will help turn your grant idea into a completed proposal. Here's what we can do:

    • Identify potential funding sources for your proposal from state and federal agencies and private foundations and corporations

    • Provide support and guidance throughout the grant-writing process

    • Help write and/or edit your proposal

    • Help develop an accurate proposal budget

    • Help ensure your proposal contains all signatures, assurances and certifications required by the funder

    • Guide you on submitting your proposal to the funder

  2. Processing of Grant Applications - The GSD will work to ensure that the internal processing of grant applications is made simple and easy for Departments.

  3. Technical Assistance and Training - Technical Assistance (TA) is provided to Departments on an as-needed basis. A variety of training opportunities will be offered to meet Departments' capacity building needs in the following areas: grant writing, program and budget development, starting and monitoring a newly funded project, and use of the grant locator. It only takes two simple steps to request services from the GSD:

    A. Fill out the Request for Services Form

    B. Email to the GSD at

    Download the Request for Services Form using Acrobat Reader (free software-click on logo below)
    Adobe Acrobat

  4. Setting Funding Goals - The GSD will help Departments identify their funding needs and develop setting grant application goals.

  5. Project Monitoring - We will assist you resolve any program and contract issues to remain in compliance with the City and grantor's administrative rules.

  6. Centralized Source of Information - Through the GSD's web page, Departments will be able to obtain valuable information to support their grant -writing efforts such as, demographical data, reports, fact sheets and standard City documents required by funding agency such as City financial and annual reports, organizational charts, DUNS number and City's federal employer ID number.

  7. Simplifying Approval Process - One of the goals of the GSD is to ensure that procedures for internal processing of applications are simple and brief and to identify and eliminate barriers encountered by departments during the internal process.

  8. Program Start-Up and Monitoring - Departments/Project Managers may receive technical assistance for starting up newly funded projects and for resolving program and contract issues to remain in compliance with the City and grantor's administrative rules.

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