The City of El Paso subscribes to eCivis Grants Locator. A searchable grants database, eCivis has data tailored to meet the needs of City Departments. The GSD utilizes eCivis Grants Locator to identify funding opportunities which best match to Departments' identified funding needs. Grants Alerts are referred to Departments on a daily basis. City Departments may designate a staff person to have direct access to eCivis grants Locator by requesting it directly to Nancy Melendez-Forbes at 541-4445 or her assistant at 541-4436.

eCivis resources include:

  • Federal, state and foundation grant information located in one database.

  • Search by category, keyword, agency, etc.

  • Download grant application forms, guides and instructions.

  • Grant-writing tools are available, like federal agency information, a sample grant-writing guide, and a glossary of terms.

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