Before you or the GSD begin researching funding opportunities for your Department, you may first need to identify the type of funding you need. The GSD may then focus grant searches to identify funding opportunities specifically to meet your Department's needs. To request needs-focused grant searches, please complete and submit the Funding Needs Matrix.

Download the Funding Needs Matrix Form using Acrobat Reader (free software-click on logo below)
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Types of funding needs
The type of grant you will seek and the potential sources of funding will vary depending on what kind of funding you need. Donors distinguish among several funding purposes:
  • General Operating Support -- keeping your organization and programs running

  • Program or Project Support -- supports special projects and initiatives that are core to your organization

  • Capital Support -- raising funds for a special need

  • Other types of support
Each purpose will require its own distinct research process since it is highly unlikely that one funder will meet all your needs.

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