Under Section 1115 of the Social Security Act, states have an opportunity to redesign the delivery of Medicaid services through a five year waiver funding. This extension allows for programs in Texas to fund projects for the improvement on the quality of health services and a reduction of healthcare costs.

The health department is eligible for up to 5% of the community project “pot.” Though it may not seem like much, that 5% is about $14M, the largest infusion of non-property tax revenue in the history of the department.

The City of El Paso health department will use the Medicaid waiver receipts to expand preventive health services and/or collaborate with community partners.


Medicaid Waiver Projects:/Proyectos de Medicaid: 

  • Three-year Health Initiative
  • Border Public Health Interest Group
  • Community Health Atlas
  • Mobile Dental Clinic
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Neighborhood Fire Stations for Health Screening/Health Promotion


  • Immunizations
  • Cancer Screenings
  • Hepatitis C linkage to care and resources
  • Dental Exams (21 and younger)
  • Glucose and Blood Pressure Check
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Health Education


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Vaccinations for Health


Program Location

5115 El Paso Drive
El Paso, TX 79905
Phone 915-212-6629

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday
7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Improve the access and provision of preventive health services for Medicaid and low-income uninsured population in the El Paso and Hudspeth counties