Traveling to Juarez

Will you be traveling to Juarez during the Papal visit? If so, make your plans now to enjoy the event safely.

  • PARTICIPANTS SHOULD BE PREPARED TO WALK. It is expected that many of the streets and neighborhoods near the Papal visit route will be closed to vehicles. Plan to wear comfortable shoes. If you normally use a walker, cane, or crutches, think about using them for this trip.
  • KEEP YOUR BATTERIES CHARGED. Charge up the batteries of your cell phones and any powered equipment you use (such as wheelchairs, oxygen concentrators, or communication devices). Plan to bring chargers for your cell phone and equipment if you will be traveling within Juarez-El Paso.
  • PRINT AND FILL OUT A HEALTH INFORMATION CARD. This will help first responders assist you in an emergency. Be sure to include all your current health information (medications and conditions, doctors, etc.). You can find the Health Information Card online at 
  • PACK MEDICATIONS AND MEDICAL SUPPLIES. Think about your needs for the following: medication, inhalers, medical alert bracelet, diabetes supplies etc. 
  • PACK A SMALL FIRST AID KIT. Plan to bring it with you to treat minor cuts, scrapes, or blisters.
  • PACK SOME HAND SANITIZER. There may not be many places where you can wash your hands.
  • PREPARE FOR COLD AND/OR WINDY WEATHER. The average temperature in El Paso-Juarez in February is 37˚ F to 63˚ F.
  • PACK SUPPLIES FOR YOUR FAMILY. Consider their clothing, food, water, toiletry, and safety needs.

Traveling to the Sun Bowl

Will you be going to the Sun Bowl event organized by the El Paso Diocese?
  • WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES AND CLOTHING. Wear sunblock and weather-appropriate clothing. Wear diabetic shoes or loose-fitting socks if recommended by your doctor.
  • TALK WITH YOUR FAMILY ABOUT WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE SEPARATED. Wear something bright or distinctive that will help people in your group find you easily. Use the “buddy system” (travel in pairs). Bring a map. Include watches, cell phones, maps, and meeting points in your plan. Be sure to charge phones in advance.
  • BRING A ONE-DAY SUPPLY OF PERSONAL MEDICATIONS. If you are diabetic, bring any supplies you need.
  • BRING ANY NEEDED COMFORT OR ENTERTAINMENT ITEMS, LIKE A FAVORITE STUFFED ANIMAL OR EVEN A BOOK. These are important for children and people with mental health or cognitive challenges.


  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. 
  • Do not wear any dangling items that could become tangled or pulled. 
  • Try to walk around crowds (not through them). 
  • If you are caught in a tight crowd: 
    • Stay on your feet. Do not sit down or bend over to pick anything up.
    • If you fall, get back on your feet right away.
    • Move with the flow and work your way towards the edge of the crowd. 
    • Bend or raise your arms to maximize your height and personal space. 

IMPORTANT: TALK WITH YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS (especially if you have any chronic conditions). Ask if they will be open or available to you during the Papal Visit.

Ask if they have recommendations to help keep you stay healthy during the visit.

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