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Are you seeking a rewarding career in law enforcement? The El Paso Police Department is an internationally recognized and accredited agency that has a proud tradition of supporting, encouraging and mentoring women. Are you ready to join El Paso’s Finest?

“After serving in the military and deploying overseas, I wanted a comparable career that brought the same pride I experienced while serving my country. Joining the Department has not only given me that pride and sense of accomplishment but allowed me to provide my family with a better quality of life. I have since returned to college and credit my ability to do so to the supportive Department supervisors and City programs the El Paso Police Department employs.”

-Detective Nicole Ramm


The El Paso Police Department has over 125 female officers working in all aspects of the agency. Are you interested in supervisory work? How about criminal investigations, crime scene investigations or SWAT? As an EPPD officer, you set your career path and select your choice of assignments.

“It's an extremely challenging job with a lot of personal satisfaction. Being a police officer is wonderful! The El Paso Police Department is a large department with plenty of specialized units and advancement opportunities. I love being a part of this team!”

-Detective Bridgette Ballou


The El Paso Police Department understands the important balance between family life and work. 

“During my 17 years as a police officer on this department, I have had many opportunities for advancement. I am now a mother of three and have not encountered any issues in balancing my job and my family. There is a feeling of great pride and achievement being a police officer on this department.?”

-Detective Maribeth Alegre-Pena


The El Paso Police Department proudly supports and recognizes the importance of our military veterans. 

"I am not from El Paso and I applied to become a police cadet at a time when I needed a job and was looking for a career that would be challenging and rewarding. I was accepted as a member of the team from the start and have never regretted a single day as an El Paso Police Officer. Throughout 22 years of service, I have been able to work a variety of assignments, promote and obtain my degree. The pay, benefits, range of work assignments and promotional opportunities are exceptional and I consider myself fortunate to be a member of the El Paso Police Department. I have friends who are not in law enforcement who struggle to go to work each day yet I come to work each day thinking, 'Wow! I get paid to do this!' "

-Michelle Gardner, Assistant Chief of Police