As a Volunteer for the El Paso Police Department, your unique skills are rendered to assist the Department with a wide variety of duties. Participation in the Volunteer Program allows the Citizens of the El Paso Community to become involved in Police Department activities and to provide assistance to Department Staff. Through these activities and assistance, Volunteers work with the Community to prevent crime, provide services and create a safer environment for the City of El Paso.


Why should you volunteer with the Police Department?

  • To make a difference in the Community
  • To work with Community Leaders
  • To gain valuable experience
  • To fulfill personal endeavors and goals
  • To improve job skills
  • To explore a new career
  • Most importantly, because you have the time to donate your valuable services


How will my services as a Volunteer be utilized by the Police Department?

The Department currently has various programs that utilize Volunteers. You let us know what your area of expertise is or you can attend Department training to participate in programs that require specialized skills. Volunteers are needed throughout the City at various Department facilities. You decide!


El Paso Police Department Volunteer Programs

  • Administrative Support Program – tasks are varied and extensive, to include answering phones, filing records, data entry, typing, providing information to visitors, assisting in fingerprinting, taking photographs, research, and other clerical duties as needed by Department staff.
  • Chaplain Program – Chaplains provide ministerial service on an inter-denominational basis to members of the El Paso Police Department and to the Community of El Paso. Chaplains are readily available on a continuous basis regardless of day, time, or holiday to respond to crime scenes in a time of crisis, sorrow, illness, injury, and to assist with death notifications. Volunteer Chaplains must be at least eighteen years of age, have a minimum of five years experience in the ministry, be an ordained or licensed minister and be an ecclesiastically certified person in good standing.
  • Citizen Advisory Boards – the Board acts in partnership with the Community and the Regional Command Centers to provide a communication link to relay the needs relative to the Community’s concerns and to provide feedback to the Community regarding the Regional Command Center’s operation. Board members are appointed by the Commander of the Regional Command Center and each Regional Command Center has it’s own board. The Board coordinates with other governmental agencies, community organizations and service providers to resolve Community concerns.
  • Disabled Parking Enforcement Program – Must be 21 years of age or older. Parking Enforcers scan parking areas accessible to the public searching for motorists who violate disabled parking statutes and enforce the parking accessibility for the disabled citizens of the Community by issuing citations to disabled parking violators. Volunteer Enforcers must complete twenty-five hours of specialized training to be able to enforce statutes related to Disabled Parking areas.
  • Grandma Mary’s Stranger Danger Program – Volunteers educate the youth in the Community through presentations and participation at health fairs by providing them with tools to equip them with self-defense measures in the prevention of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.
  • Internship Program – in collaboration with area Colleges and Universities, non-paid internships are available with the Department. Required Internship hours and duties are dependant on the School’s requirements.
  • McGruff Program – Volunteers educate the youth of the Community on crime prevention through presentations and participation at health fairs.
  • Police Explorer Advisors – Volunteer Advisors are the adult leadership team for the Youth Explorer program that is run in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America. Advisors must complete the Adult Explorer Leader Basic training.
  • School Zone Safety Awareness Program – Must be 21 years of age or older. Volunteers monitor school campuses for traffic and parking violations in school zone areas, and report violations to the nearest El Paso Police Department Regional Command Center. Warning letters are then sent to violators by the Police Department. A one-hour specialized training is required for Volunteers participating in this program.
  • Victim Services Response Team (VSRT) – Must be 21 years of age or older. Volunteers advocate and deliver services to victims of crime, such as immediate crisis intervention, guidance, death notification, education and referrals to local agencies. VSRT Volunteers are required to complete 80 hours of specialized training before they can become certified to assist victims of crime.


What are the eligibility requirements to become an E.P.P.D. Volunteer?

  • You must be 17 years of age or older. **Please note that several volunteer assignments require that you are 21 years of age or older.
  • You must pass a background check.
  • You must have a good driving record if you are required to use a City vehicle while performing your Volunteer duties.
  • You must follow Police Department Policies and Procedures.


How can I become an E.P.P.D. Volunteer?

You must complete a Volunteer Application and return it to the Department Volunteer Coordinator.
For your convenience, Volunteer Applications can be picked up at any Regional Command Center throughout the City of El Paso or you can click on the link and print a copy of the application.