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Hiring Process Overview

Individuals, who achieve a grade of 70 or better on the written exam, pass the job simulation test and the background investigation will have their names placed on the eligible list. Applicants with a passing grade who are eligible for veteran's credits will have these points added to their final grade. Applicants are placed on the eligible list in rank order, with the highest scoring individual placed first. If two or more applicants achieve the same score, their rank on the list will be determined by a system of drawing by lot. Lists normally remain in effect for six months. Applicants will be notified by email of their status.

Written Examination

The written examination is administered to all applicants. The exam is approximately three and a half hours in length. The examination consists of reading, writing and decision making skills. The El Paso Police Department does not offer a study guide for the written examination however; Ergometrics the creator of the exam offers practice exams for a fee. This is not required but is available on Ergometrics' Practice Tests.

The El Paso Police Department utilizes the law enforcement examination provided by Ergometrics to evaluate applicants for the positions of Police Trainee, Certified Peace Officer and Police Officer. More information regarding the written exam examination is available Ergometrics' Practice Tests.

Job Simulation Test

The Job Simulation Test consists of four Pass/Fail components. Applicants must pass all four components to pass the Job Simulation Test. Applicants will be afforded two opportunities to pass the Job Simulation Test. The tests consists of the below listed events:

Pursuit Agility Course
Objective: To complete the 180 foot course in 39 seconds or less. The work sample simulates a short distance foot pursuit that might occur in the parking lot of an office complex or shopping center. The test requires that the applicant make frequent changes in direction while running as fast as possible.

The distance around the pursuit course is 180 feet. Before the applicant enters the course, they must run as quickly as possible around the course. Once they enter the course, they will scale a three-foot wall and jump over three 18-inch barriers. The distance the applicant will run inside the course is 150 feet. Applicants will be required to wear a bullet resistant vest and carry a police radio while completing the course.


Wall Climb
Objective: To run a 25 yard course, scale a six-foot wall and run five yards to the finish line in 17 seconds or less. This work sample simulates a situation in which an applicant must scale a six-foot wall during a pursuit. The applicant will be required to run 25 yards up to a wall, scale the wall, and run five yards to the finish line. The applicant may use any method to get over the wall. However, the applicant may not use the side supports in any manner to get over the wall.


Body drag
Objective: To drag a 185 pound dummy a distance of 30 feet in 16 seconds or less. This work sample simulates dragging a wounded officer or citizen to safety for a distance of 30 feet. The applicant will be required to drag a 185-lbs dummy that is lying face up on the ground. The applicant is to drag the dummy by back peddling as quickly as possible for a total of 30 feet. The time it takes to drag the dummy will be recorded. The time ends when the dummy’s feet crosses the finish line.


500 Yard Pursuit Run
Objective: To complete the 500-yard pursuit run in 152 seconds or less. The work sample simulates a medium distance pursuit. The exam consists of the applicant running 500 yards while wearing a bullet resistant vest carrying a police radio. When taking the exam, the applicant should pace themselves by running at about 2/4 speed. Applicants should not try to sprint the entire distance.


Comprehensive Background Investigation

Those applicants who successfully complete the written examination and job simulation test must pass a comprehensive background investigation which includes medical, psychological and polygraph examinations and drug screening.