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Fusion Center

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What is the Multi-Agency Tactical Response Information eXchange (MATRIX)?

Fusion CenterThe El Paso Fusion Center – Multi Agency Tactical Response Information eXchange (MATRIX) serves as an all-crimes and all-hazards tactical information and intelligence hub for the El Paso Police Department and the Region. This integrated, multi-disciplinary information sharing network is a collaborative between local, State, and Federal Agencies in El Paso and Dona Ana County, New Mexico. Our Mission is designed to protect the citizens and critical infrastructure of Far West Texas and Southern New Mexico, while preserving the privacy and the U.S. and Texas Constitutional rights of all individuals and organizations.

The MATRIX is a US Department of Homeland (DHS), and the State of Texas recognized Fusion Center, working in conjunction with other fusion centers in Texas and throughout the US to detect, prevent and interrupt crime and terrorism. A mandatory component for this recognition is a DHS approved privacy policy. The privacy policy is available for public viewing by clicking the highlight “privacy policy” text. The public may submit comments, complaints or input to MATRIXfusion@elpasotexas.gov


What does MATRIX do?

MATRIX analyzes and disseminates information and intelligence used to address crime, public hazards, and terrorism. MATRIX serves the public safety agencies located in El Paso, Dona Ana County and will assist any law enforcement agency in the US with criminal analysis to support legal, criminal investigation.


MATRIX Partners

Crime does not adhere to geographic boundaries, so it is important to coordinate and share criminal information and intelligence with as many agencies as possible. The current law enforcement partners consolidating and sharing information include:

  • Anthony (TX) Police Department
  • Clint Police Department
  • El Paso Constable District 2
  • El Paso Community College Police Department
  • El Paso Fire Department – Fire Marshal
  • El Paso Police Department
  • El Paso Independent School District Police Department
  • El Paso Sheriff's Department
  • Horizon City Police Department
  • Socorro Police Department
  • Socorro Independent School District Police
  • University of Texas El Paso Police Department
  • Texas Tech Police Department
  • Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Las Cruces Police Department, New Mexico
  • Dona Ana County Sherriff’s Department, New Mexico
  • Anthony (NM) Police Department
  • Sunland Park Police Department, New Mexico
  • Town of Mesilla Marshal’s Office
  • New Mexico State University Police Department


How does MATRIX help law enforcement officers?

The MATRIX has a consolidated law enforcement records and data system.  This system is the source for searching and analysis, which offers a regional perspective, enhancing law enforcement officers’ ability to interrupt and prevent crime, improving the quality of life in West Texas and Southern New Mexico.