To ensure that there are no more victims of sex crimes at the hands of registered sex offenders.



  • Provide the community with public information on registered sex offenders.
  • Take appropriate measures to ensure sex offenders are complying with Texas Criminal Code of Procedure sex offender registration laws.
  • Track and verify information given by sex offenders.
  • Send notification letters to school districts on registered sex offenders in their area.
  • Maintain sex offender files and databases.
  • Work closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Probation Department, the El Paso County Sheriff's Department and other law enforcement agencies on issues regarding sex offenders.
  • Follow-up on cases involving registered sex offenders.
  • Provide information to officers in the field regarding sex offenders via the computer aided dispatch system, the warrants system, the records management system, computer mapping, etc.

For more information and to search for registrants in your area, please visit:

Sex Offender Residence Ordinance Map



Police Headquarters
911 N. Raynor
El Paso, TX 79903
(915) 212-4000

Registration / De-Registration

Current: Wednesdays 12:30 PM - 7:30 PM

****Effective January 8, 2019 the new Sex Offender Registration day will be every Tuesday 12:30 PM to 7:30 PM***