Does the El Paso Police Department have a ride-along program?

Yes, those who wish to observe the daily rigors of police life may contact a regional command center and schedule a ride-along.

Does the EPPD have a policy regarding tattoos?

Yes, while in uniform any exposed tattoos must be covered.

How long is the training academy?

The training academy is 30 weeks in length.

Do students live at the academy during training?

No, recruits attend the academy Monday thru Friday, normally working from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. There will be times when the students must attend evening and weekend training during courses such as night time firearms and DWI training.

Will I be paid while attending the training academy?

Yes, recruits earn $16.28 hr. during training.

Will I receive medical benefits while attending the academy?

Yes, recruits who enroll for medical benefits will be eligible to receive benefits for themselves and their families after completing 60 days of training.

Am I eligible to receive my VA education benefits while attending the academy?

Yes, you may receive your benefits during the 30 week training academy and during your first year as a patrol officer. An officer will assist you in enrolling during the first week of the training academy.

I am still active in the military as a reservist/guardsman, will that effect my employment?

No, the EPPD has a number of officers who continue to serve their country. In fact, those who serve as a guardsman/reservist receive 15 paid military days from the City of El Paso while attending their military duties.

Will I work shift work?

Yes, during the one year FTO program, officers will work dayshift, evening shift and midnight shift. Upon completion of the FTO program, officers will bid for shifts.

How long must I spend in patrol before I can move to specialty assignments?

Upon completing two years of patrol experience, officers are eligible to work assignments such as motorcycles, bicycles, crime scene, etc. Officers are also eligible to test for Detective after completing two years of patrol experience.

When can I join the SWAT team?

Officers must have served at least four years on the EPPD in order to tryout for the SWAT team. Officers must pass a grueling tryout and an oral interview to be considered for the team.

Are there charges for police reports?

  • Accident reports cost $6.00, whether picked up or mailed.
  • Certifying the accident report costs $2.00.
  • A criminal history letter costs $6.00. (Notarized - add another $6.00)
  • Criminal incident reports cost $0.10 per page if the requestor has the case number and if requested in person.
  • Criminal incident reports mailed cost $1.50.
  • Prices vary when no case number is presented and record research is required.
  • For additional information contact the Police Records Bureau at 564-7200.

Why is there a charge for reports?

The City of El Paso has established charges for crime reports to cover administrative processing. The State of Texas establishes the fees for traffic accident reports

Can I contact the Police Records Division and receive information about a report over the phone?

No. All requests for reports must be made in person or in writing as detailed above.

Can I have a copy of a report sent to me by fax?


How can I get a copy of an accident report?

Accident reports may be obtained by two different methods:
  • Send a written request by mail. Send a written request containing:
    • The El Paso Police case number (if known).
    • The name of a person involved in the accident.
    • The address or location of the accident.
    • The date the accident occurred.
    • A check or money order for $6.00 made payable to the City of El Paso.
    • A self-addressed envelope.

  • Request the report in person at one of the following locations:
    • Police Headquarters, 911 N, Raynor St.
    • Pebble Hills Regional Command, 10780 Pebble Hills Blvd.
    • Westside Regional Command, 4801 Osborne Dr.
    • Mission Valley Regional Command, 9011 Escobar.
    • Northeast Regional Command, 9600 Dyer.

Please note that the records facilities at Headquarters, Pebble Hills Regional Command and Mission Valley Regional Command are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. All facilities are closed on all city holidays.

How soon after an accident will a report be available?

It generally takes between 3 and 5 working days for an accident report to become available to the public.

When I made a theft report, I did not exactly know how much property was stolen from me. How would I update the report when I have a complete inventory of my loss?

For major cases, please contact the detective assigned to your case. Minor reports may be updated by calling the Communications Division Report Expeditors at 564-7236.

How can I obtain a complete copy of a case report? 

You must submit a request through "Open Records." For more information on Open Records requests, please contact the Police Records Bureau at 564-7200.

I am applying for a job and the employer told me I must obtain a Police Records Check (Police Letter). How to I get one?

You can request the report, in person, at one of the following locations:
  • Police Headquarters, 911 N, Raynor St.
  • Pebble Hills Regional Command, 10780 Pebble Hills Blvd.
  • Westside Regional Command, 4801 Osborne Dr.
  • Mission Valley Regional Command, 9011 Escobar.
  • Northeast Regional Command, 9600 Dyer.

You must complete a request form, have valid state or federal identification and pay a processing fee of $6.00.

If you desire to have a company or another person pick up your report, they must present a notarized waiver from you granting permission for this action. They too must present valid identification at time of pick up.

How long does it take to process a Police Records Check?

At Police Headquarters, Pebble Hills Regional Command, and Northeast Regional Command the average processing time is 7 to 10 working days. At Mission Valley Regional Command and Westside Regional Command the request may be processed while you wait as long as the record requested is not for a person who has a criminal arrest.

Once I submit an Open Records request, how long will it take to process ?

Your request will be processed promptly and you will be informed by telephone or by mail on the status of your request.