City of El Paso Wireless Communication Permitting

Personal Wireless Service Facilities

The City of El Paso classifies cell phone towers as personal wireless service facilities and regulates them under section 20.10.455 of the city's municipal code.
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Telecommunications on the Right of Way

On June 9th, the Governor signed SB 1004, effective September 1, 2017. The City of El Paso regulates telecommunications in the ROW in Chapter 15.10 of the Municipal Code.

What is SB 1004?

Establishes Chapter 284 (Deployment of Network Nodes in Public Right-of-Way) of the Local Government Code and standardizes the municipal permitting process for the deployment of network nodes across Texas

Grants access to Public ROW to network providers subject to permitting requirements and payment to cities.

Sets standards for:
• When a permit is required
• Installation and Construction
• Size Restrictions
• Location Restrictions where above-ground structures in a ROW are prohibited
• Permitting Process and Shot Clock
• Fees for Access to Public ROW
• Access to Municipally-Owned Poles

What will happen on September 1, 2017?

The City of El Paso will be required to allow network providers to deploy facilities on Public ROW in line with Chapter 284 and Chapter 15.10 ‘Deployment of Network Nodes in the Right-of-Way’.

Telecommunication Facilities