What is a Park Partner?

  • Individual, Group, Club, or Organization that wants to actively contribute to the betterment of a City of El Paso park.


What are some of the Benefits of becoming a Park Partner?

  • Fosters a sense of pride and stewardship
  • Provides opportunities for volunteer service and community-sponsored events
  • Creates relationships between citizens and Department


What can the Partner agree to?

  • Pick up litter, including participation in annual city-wide events
  • Beautification efforts
  • Patrol park-report damage and law violations
  • Fund-raise and donate site amenities or services


What is the process to become a Park Partner?

  • Fill out the 1-page Application and submit to PARD staff
  • Application will be reviewed, staff will contact Applicant to clarify stewardship commitments and community events requested
  • Staff prepares a Park Partner Agreement
  • All parties sign the Agreement


Park Partner Application