El Paso City Budget 2017

FY 2017 Budget Fact Sheet


The Fiscal Year 2017 Budget addresses the Mayor and Council’s budget priorities identified in their Strategic Plan.

The General Fund budget is increasing by $13.3M due to budget cost drivers, while an additional $7.9M in service enhancements has been absorbed with no major fee increases, service reductions, or layoffs


What are the Budget Priorities?


What are the $14.8M Budget Cost Drivers?


What $7.9M Additional Service Enhancements were Absorbed into the Budget?


What are the Budget Highlights?

  • How is Public Safety being addressed?
    • 80 Police cadets (2nd year of a 10 year plan to add a net increase of 30 Police Officers)
    • 75 fire trainees
    • 46 public safety communicator trainees
    • 2.5% pay increases for Police Officers (plus step increases)
    • 3.0% pay increases for Fire uniform employees (voter approved)
    • 20 Police vehicles
    • 4 Fire vehicles (2 ambulance, 2 fire trucks)
    • P25 Public Safety Radio maintenance increase
    • 911 District relocation costs


  • How are City Employees benefitting?
    • Pay increases between 1.5% and 2.5%
    • Pay increases for part-time employees earning less than $10 per hour
    • Redesigned Healthcare Plan
      • Estimated 70% of civilian participants will pay the same or less
      • Reduced total City & Employees out of pocket premium cost by $3.2M
    • Shape it Up wellness program, various incentives, and tuition assistance


  • How are the Quality of Life Bond Projects affected?
    • Operating costs (staffing, materials, supplies)
    • 9 more projects to be completed next year (45 already complete)
    • Additional restroom service at parks (one per each District)


  • How is infrastructure addressed?
    • Increased funding for pothole patching and striping materials
    • 3 new street sweepers
    • $250,000 included for ADA improvements
    • $500,000 for construction of 2 signalized intersections
    • Additional staffing resources for Capital Improvement Department


  • How are Animal Services reforms affected?
    • Reforms approved by Council in January to increase live release rate
    • $1.M increased funding for staffing, materials, and supplies


  • How has sound governance been addressed?
    • Additional positions added for grants compliance and reporting
    • Additional auditor and funding for external auditing
    • Additional position for open records requests
    • New contract compliance positions for Economic Development, Purchasing, and Community Development
    • Additional positions added to Purchasing Department to help with workload from bond projects


What Makes Up the City of El Paso Budget?


What is the property tax increase and why?

  • Adopted property tax increase of 2.99 cents to cover voter and Council approved items
  FY 2016 FY 2017 Increase Reason For Increase
Operating & Maint. 0.478130 0.485640 0.0075 Voter-approved Fire collective bargaining and operating costs for Quality of Life projects
Debt Service 0.251595 0.274015 0.0224 Quality of Life and Street bond projects
Total Rate 0.729725 0.759656 0.0299  


  • Debt Service follows Council approved plan to
    • Move up citywide signature projects to be completed in 10 years, rather than 15 years
    • Change in debt issuance to a more traditional model
      • Debt is issued first before projects are funded ensuring projects do not run over budget


What is the impact to homeowners?

  Valuation Tax Rate Property
Tax Levy
Increase per year/
Increase per month
FY 2016
$100,000 0.729725 $729.73  
FY 2017 $100,000 0.759656 $759.66 $29.93/yr.


How does this impact Over 65/Disability Exemption?

  Valuation Taxable
Tax Rate Property
Tax Levy
FY 2016
$100,000 $60,000 0.729725 $437.84  
FY 2017 $100,000 $60,000 0.759656 $455.79 $17.95/yr.


Where does my property tax dollar go?