Court Processes FAQ

  • Questions About Arraignment

    • What is an arraignment hearing?
    • What happens at the arraignment hearing?
    • What are my rights?
    • Will the arraignment judge listen to my testimony about why I am not guilty of the charge?
    • The arraignment judge did not listen to my testimony. Why? That seems rude.
    • What is video arraignment?- Step by step video
    • How can I use video arraignment?
    • May I reschedule my arraignment hearing?
    • I missed my arraignment hearing. Now what?
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  • Questions About Trial Hearings

    • How will I receive notice of my trial date?
    • What happens at a trial in Municipal Court?
    • I missed my trial hearing. What are my options?
    • Why do I have to pay court costs/state fees if I did not have a trial, but only paid the citation or requested defensive driving?
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  • Questions About Points Against My Driving Record

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  • Questions Regarding a Driver's Safety Course for the Dismissal of a Citation

    • Why would I consider taking a driver's safety course?
    • Who is eligible to take a driver's safety course, by right?
    • How can I, an adult, request a driving safety course, by right?
    • How can I, as a juvenile, request a drivers safety course?
    • May I take a Driver's Safety Course if I do not have a Texas license, but I do have an out of state driver's license?
    • What if I miss my 90 day deadline to turn in my proof of Defensive Driving completion?
    • What happens at a Show Cause Hearing for Driver's Safety Cases?
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  • Questions About Payment Plans

    • I want to pay my ticket, but I do not have all the money. How can I request a payment plan?
    • I have a payment plan, but I cannot pay off my ticket in 180 days. What should I do?
    • I have a warrant because I did not appear at arraignment or trial as I promised to do. May I have a payment plan?
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  • Questions about Arrest Warrants

    • Are there other consequences for having an arrest warrant, aside from the possibility of arrest?
    • Can I be arrested if I have an active arrest warrant?
    • How can I find out if I have an active arrest warrant?
    • What can I do to get the arrest warrant recalled?
    • Why do I have an arrest warrant?
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  • Questions about Parking Citations

    • What are the parking citation fines?
    • How do I get a hearing on my parking citation?
    • I no longer own the vehicle for an outstanding parking citation. What can I do?
    • I received a parking citation while I was serving as a juror in a court proceeding. What can I do?
    • What are the procedures at the hearing?
    • What do I do if I receive a citation for parking in a handicap zone?
    • Why did a collection agency contact me about some outstanding parking tickets?
    • Why was my vehicle booted or impounded?
    • How can I gain release of my vehicle after it has been booted or impounded?
    • I received a parking citation while I was serving as a juror in a court proceeding. What can I do?
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  • Questions About Community Service

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