Official Seal of the City of El Paso


The official seal of the City of El Paso (as well as for El Paso County) is closely patterned after the State Seal of Texas.

The first version of the State Seal was adopted by the Congress of the Republic of Texas on December 10, 1836. First known as “the Great Seal of the Republic of Texas” it was subsequently modified after Texas joined the Union in 1845. The State Seal consists of “a star of five points encircled by olive and live oak branches, and the words “The State of Texas”.

It is not known precisely when the City of El Paso officially adopted its present seal, although an early version has been discovered dating back to 1903. This early version of the City seal was unique, consisting of the five-pointed star with the words “City of El Paso, El Paso County.” The olive and oak branches were omitted, and in between the points of the star were each letter spelling out the word “Texas.” By the early 1930’s, the seal reverted to its present form (above) duplicating the Texas State Seal in every respect except for the “City of El Paso Texas” legend.


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