City Flag 


Until June of 1948, El Paso did not have a flag, official or unofficial. During that year a Resolution was passed creating an official flag, however the one manufactured in 1948 and displayed until 1950 was not in conformance with the Resolution. It rather resembled the design of the State Seal encircled by the words “City of El Paso, Texas”.

The need for a new city flag was brought to light in 1960 by a group of Girl Scouts who wanted to embroider a flag for their City as a project, making it as specified by the City Council in 1948. To correct the error, the City Council had a flag designed and created, patterned after the emblem which was sealed in the cornerstone of the old City Hall, erected in 1899 and demolished in 1959. Due to the complex design, the girl scouts did not embroider the flag and it was machine made by a specialist. It was officially adopted by the City Council on March 29, 1962. The significance of the colors and symbols incorporated into the Official Flag of the City of El Paso are:

(1) Golden-Yellow Richness of sunny climate
(2) Yellow-Green Hope, good fortune and vitality
(3) Silver Faith
(4) White Purity
(5) Blue Sincerity
(6) Red-Purple Fellowship, warmth and shelter
(7) Olive branches Peace, Plenty & land of promise
(8) Wheat Staffs Abundance of produce
(9) Grapes and vines Fertile land
(10) Radiant Sun Superb climate
(11) Star El Paso’s pride in being a part of the “Lone Star State”


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