• Procedures for Addressing City Council:
    The City Council offers the public an opportunity to bring topics and issues to Council’s attention. Each regular City Council meeting the Council reserves 30 minutes at the beginning for public concerns.

  • Addressing the City Council on Ordinances:
    Public comment for proposed ordinances is taken on the date of the scheduled public hearing for the ordinances. Public comment is not taken on the date the ordinances are introduced.

  • Call to the Public: Due to the Open Meetings Act, Call to the Public forms may be accepted by the City Clerk and the form is only available weekly from 12:00 AM Monday to 08:00 AM Tuesday. The form may be submitted in person, by fax or by email, for topics that are NOT on the current Agenda.

    The Call to the Public is reserved for items generated by the public. It is not for items already posted on the City Council agenda. If you wish to sign up to speak on items that ARE posted on the City Council agenda, please use the appropriate forms (Public Sign Up Form to Address Regular Agenda Items and Public Sign Up Form to Ask Questions on Consent Agenda Items), found below.


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