Procedures for Addressing City Council

City Council encourages your participation in the Council meeting and in your City government.

The guidelines below will help you prepare for the meeting. 

Items Not on the City Council Agenda:

The City Council offers the public an opportunity to bring topics and issues to Council’s attention.  It is called the “Call to the Public”.  Each regular City Council meeting the Council reserves 30 minutes at the beginning for public concerns.  Individuals who would like to address the Council must sign up using the following form and the form is only available weekly from 12:00 AM Monday to 08:00 AM Tuesday.

You may fill out the form in person, fax or by e-mail and submit it to the Municipal Clerk’s office. You may submit it to us in advance of the meeting date or you may sign up that date in person at the table outside Council Chambers. The time limit on each speaker is 3 minutes.

City Clerk Fax  915-212-0050

City Clerk E-mail:


Items on the Consent Agenda

The City Council offers members of the public the opportunity to ask questions about items on the Consent Agenda. On the day of the meeting by 8:00 a.m., persons wishing to ask questions may sign up by 8:00 a.m. on the Consent Agenda Question Sign Up Sheet located at the Municipal Clerk’s table outside the Council chambers. The City Clerk also will accept e-mail or fax requests in advance of the meeting date.

Members of the public may not move an item to the Regular agenda for discussion unless the Mayor Pro Tempore approves or if a Council member requests the move to the Regular Agenda.

Items on the Regular Agenda

City Council encourages members of the public to address items on the Regular Agenda posted for discussion and action. On the day of the meeting by 8:00 a.m., persons wishing to speak may sign up at the Municipal Clerk table outside the Council chambers.  The City Clerk also will accept e-mail or faxed requests in advance of the meeting. Speakers will be limited to 3 minutes each. 

Please call the Municipal Clerk’s Office at 212-0049 if we may assist you in participating in the City Council meetings.




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