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Fines and Payments

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To calculate what you owe, please select the date the citation was received, after 12/01/05, after 01/01/08, after 01/01/14, or call the Court for more information at 915-546-2901. Additional charges will be added, if the payment is late.

Please note: On moving citations, up to 5 violations may be listed; on Class C citations, up to 2 violations may be listed. Please make sure you calculate the fine for each of the violations listed and pay the total amount.

WARRANT OR BOOT FEES: If an arrest warrant has been issued on the violation, a $ 50.00 warrant fee will be added upon conviction. If a vehicle has been booted, a $ 50.00 boot fee will be added. If a vehicle has been towed and stored, additional fees will be charged by the towing company.

COLLECTION AGENCY FEES: If a commitment or warrant is not paid within 60 calendar days from the date it is activated, it will be placed with the City's collection agency.
If a parking citation is not paid within 75 days from the date of issuance it will be placed with the Citys' collection agency.
In compliance with the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 103, Article 103.0031(b), once the commitment, warrant, or parking citation is placed with the City's collection agency, an additional 30% collection fee will be added to the amount owed on the case. For example, if the fines and court costs on the case total $100, once the case is placed with collection agency, the amount owed will rise 30% to $130 total.

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