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Duties:  Resolution establishing the El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board Selection Committee and the process for selection of El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board members in accordance with Texas Government Code Section 1502.070.
Qualifications:  The City Council hereby directs the PSB Selection Committee that to extent practical, the Board shall be comprised of members who come from six (6) areas of expertise: (1) financial management; (2) general business management; (3) engineering; (4) environmental or health; (5) consumer or citizen advocacy (6)communications, public administration or education. The Mayor is the representative of municipal government. The PSB Selection Committee will keep the criteria in mind when nominating members and creating slates of candidates for consideration by City Council.
Seats:  The PSB Selection Committee shall include the Mayor of the City of El Paso who shall act as the Chairperson; one member appointed by each member of City Council to represent each City Council District; and each of the current members of the Board. Initially the PSB Selection Committee shall total thirteen (13)including the Mayor and thereafter when the Board has been expanded to seven (7), the PSB Selection Committee will total fifteen (15) members. See Resolution 08-11-09
Term:  PSB Selection Committee shall serve until either: expiration of his/her term as Mayor; his/her replacement is appointed by the member of City Council;upon expiration of his/her term on the PSB and appointment of a successor, as may be applicable.
Term Limits: PSB members no more than 2 consecutive terms. With the exception of one 2-year term for one of the members added. Terms of office shall continue 4 years and to be staggered. The two PSB members added will draw lots to determine terms.
Contact:  Paula Apodaca
Contact Office: El Paso Water Utilities
Contact Email:  papodaca@epwu.org
Contact Phone:  915-594-5501
Meeting times:  The PSB Selection Committee shall meet upon call of the Chairperson and regularly thereafter as established by the Chairperson until such time as a slate of three (3) persons for each vacancy or upcoming vacancy on the PSB has been identified.

Enabling Ordinance(s)/Resolution(s):   08-11-09  

Meeting Agendas    Meeting Minutes

 MEMBER LIST (Reflects City appointments only)

Date Appointed

Date Expires Appointed By Type
Leeser, Oscar 7/10/2013 12/31/9999 PSB Member R
Gallardo , Henry 12/11/2012 12/31/2016 PSB Member R
Castro, Richard A. 8/18/2009 12/31/9999 District 3 R
Vorba, Richard 8/25/2009 12/31/9999 District 4 R
AlHakeem, Donna 11/11/2014 12/31/9999 District 6 R
Wakeem, Charles S. 9/1/2009 12/31/9999 District 8 R
Palafox, Katherine 11/29/2011 12/31/9999 District 1 R
Cardenas, Jr., Tomas 10/22/2013 12/31/9999 District 2 R
Shallenburger, Sam 12/10/2013 12/31/9999 District 5 R
Martinez, Richard O. 10/15/2013 12/31/9999 District 7 R
Garcia, Terri 3/5/2013 12/31/2017 PSB Member R
Brennand, Ruth Katherine 1/13/2010 12/31/2015 PSB Member R
Nemir, David C. 1/12/2011 12/31/2014 PSB Member R
Schoephoester, Richard T. 1/13/2010 12/31/2013 PSB Member R

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