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Duties:  The Task force reviews the current Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice in the City of El Paso, to identify any additional impediments, to develop a city-wide strategy to address the impediments and to make an annual report to the City Council of the Task Force's recommendations and findings.
Qualifications:  Members of the Task Force shall be appointed from any of the following groups: one employee/officer of the Housing Authority of the City of El Paso;one person who is a member of the law enforcement/judicial system; up to two persons who are leaders in a non-profit housing organization within the community; one person who is a leader in advocacy for the disabled within the community; up to two persons who are advocates for human/civil rights within the community; one person who is a leader in the banking industry; one person who is a leader in the insurance industry; one person who is a real estate professional; one person who is a leader in the education community.
Seats:  9 regular members: (1 per District, 1 by Mayor) and 9 ex-officio members. See Ordinance: 011469, 013629 and Resolution 10/24/95.
Term:  Two, 2 Year Terms.
Term Limits: Two term limit.
Contact:  Rhoda Tillman
Contact Office: Community Development
Contact Email:  TillmanRW@elpasotexas.gov
Contact Phone:  212-1669
Meeting times:  Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month - Address is 701 Montana, Pat O’Rourke Recreation Center

Enabling Ordinance(s)/Resolution(s):   10-24-95   011469   013629  

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 MEMBER LIST (Reflects City appointments only)

Date Appointed

Date Expires Appointed By Type
BREAUX, Terry M Mr. 6/25/2013 4/27/2016 District 5 R
GALLEGOS, Christine 5/27/2014 4/27/2016 District 8 R
GURROLA, Adam E. 5/13/2014 4/27/2016 District 2 R
Kenny, Sussette 9/17/2013 4/27/2015 District 4 R
MILLER, Todd 7/15/2014 4/27/2016 District 7 R
Moreno, Taylor L. 4/10/2012 4/27/2014 Mayor R
Salazar, Marc A. 10/16/2012 4/27/2016 District 3 R
VACANT District 6 R
Vasquez, Sergio 2/9/2010 4/27/2014 District 1 R

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