Thank you for your interest in serving your community!

Citizen participation in local government is the foundation of our democratic way of life.  In El Paso, the city's goals are best set by public discussion to ensure accountability to its citizens.  Citizen advisory boards and commissions are critical to maintaining communication, local standards, municipal planning and the direction the City of El Paso takes in providing services.  All residents are encouraged to contribute their time, experience and good sense to shaping city policies. 

Board and commission members are required to participate in government analyzing issues through formal hearings and private discussions.  Each board is different and the amount of time a member devotes to his/her duty will vary.  It is recommended that before you make this important commitment, you should carefully consider whether you have adequate free time to attend meetings, conduct research and to communicate with the public, city staff and elected officials.
Appointments are open to all residents of the City of El Paso and applicants will be sought from all segments of the community.  We have created an on-line interest form for those of you who wish to place your name on file with the city for consideration when a seat on a board or commission opens.  Interest forms will be placed on file with the City Clerk for a period of one year and when a position opens your information will be submitted for consideration.

You may also submit an interest form whether an opening exists or not.    Each board, commission and committee has governance with general provisions set forth in the El Paso Municipal Code.  When applying for an opening, certain personal disclosures may be necessary to ensure there are no conflicts of interest.  All appointments must be approved by the City Council and submission of an interest form does not guarantee appointment.
Interest forms accepted for one position only however, there is no limit to the number of boards you can serve on.  You must fill out separate applications and interest forms for each board or commission you are interested in.  It is also to your advantage to tailor your submission to the specific board or commission for which your skills and abilities could best serve the citizens of El Paso.  Emphasize aspects and talents that match the position.  Additionally, familiarity or experience with board and commission issues will increase your chances of appointment.  You can gain this knowledge by attending the board or commission meetings, talking with the current members and by visiting with the related city department. 

For additional information regarding board and committee appointments, please contact:

300 N. Campbell, City Hall, El Paso, Texas 79901
Phone: 915-212-0049, Fax: 915-212-0050
E- mail address:


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