Campaign Finance Reports for May 11, 2013 General Election

Office Sought Name 30th day before 8th day before 15th day after campaign treasurer appointment Over $500 Final Report 8th Day Before Run-Off
Mayor Oscar Leeser            
  Robert D. Cormell             
  Gus L. Haddad             
  Hector H. Lopez             
  Steve Ortega               
  Jorge Artalejo         
  Dean (Dino) Martinez             
District 2 Dolores G. Baca             
  Jim H. Tolbert             
  Adam E. Gurrola             
  Ed Beck             
  Larry E. Romero               
  Getsemani Yanez             
  Michael Apodaca             
  Yamil Chaheine          
  Leticia Guerra             
District 3 Emma Acosta          
District 4 Tony Benitez             
  Samuel Morgan             
  Raul F. Amaya             
  Carl L. Robinson             
District 7 Lily Limon               
  Todd S. Miller             
  Tania Chozet             
  Charlie Madrid             
  Vivian Rojas             
  Ramon Mendoza             
  Luis Leon             
Municipal Court No. 1              
Municipal Court No. 2 Maximino Munoz            
Municipal Court No. 3 David A. Bonilla             
Municipal Court No. 4 Richard Olivo              
Municipal Court No. 5 Daniel Robledo             
Judge of the El Paso Municipal Court of Appeals Odell S. Holmes             
General-Purpose Committee Texas Equity PAC             
Specific-Purpose Committee Campaign Finance Report We The People of El Paso             



As provided by state law, the Office of the City Clerk is the appropriate filing authority for various campaign-related forms required by law to be filed by a candidate for a City of El Paso elected office.

By law, the City Clerk does not supervise, direct or otherwise advise candidates regarding the forms required or content included in any form filed with the Office of the City Clerk.

As a service to the public, the various forms that have been filed with the El Paso City Clerk are posted below.

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