As provided by state law, the Office of the City Clerk is the appropriate filing authority for various campaign-related forms required by law to be filed by a candidate for a City of El Paso elected office.

By law, the City Clerk does not supervise, direct or otherwise advise candidates regarding the forms required or content included in any form filed with the Office of the City Clerk.

As a service to the public, the various forms that have been filed with the El Paso City Clerk are posted below.

For questions about the reporting requirements, please contact the Texas Ethics Commission at

Campaign Finance Reports for May 7, 2005 General Election
and June 4, 2005 Runoff Election

Office Sought Candidate Name

30th day before

8th Day

15th day after campaign treasurer appointment

Over $500

Final Report

8th Day Before Run-Off

Mayor Jaime O. Peréz        
  Joe Wardy      
  Matt Carroll            
  John Cook      
  Carmen Rodriguez        
District 1 Susan Findeiss Austin      
  Ann Morgan Lilly      
  Roy E. Gray        
  Ric Schecter            
District 2 Oscar Gonzalez      
  Susie Byrd        
  Robert A. Cushing Jr.        
District 3 Marilyn J. "Juana" Mischen        
  Jesus Ortega        
  Jose Alexandro Lozano      
  Lorenzo Larry Medina **       ***
District 4 Tony Lewis        
  Carl L. Robinson        
  Joe Gandara        
  Melina Castro      
  Jerome Tilghman * *      
District 5 Presi Ortega Jr.        
  H. W. "Bill" Sparks        
District 6 Eduardo Holguin Jr.      
  Troy Hicks        
  Paul J. Escobar      
  Fernando Peña, Jr.        
District 7 Emma Acosta        
  Alan Matthew Serna        
  Steve Ortega      
  Vivian Rojas      
District 8 Anthony Cobos        
  Beto O'Rourke        
Municipal Court No. 1 Maria Ramirez    
  Rick Olivo        
  Miguel "Mickey" Solis      
Municipal Court No. 2 Maximino Daniel Muñoz      
Municipal Court No. 3 David A. Bonilla            
Municipal Court No. 4 Regina B. Arditti          
Municipal Court No. 5 Daniel "Danny" Robledo          
Municipal Court of Appeals Odell S. Holmes Jr.      
  Marlene Gonzalez      
  Frank S. Triana        

*Copy filed at counter; no original document filed in City Clerk's Office.
**Copy filed by fax; no original document filed in City Clerk's Office.
***Original report was mailed to the City Clerk's Office, received on May 31, 2005.


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