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Multipurpose Performing Arts and Entertainment Center (MPC), a voter-approved bond project 

The development of an indoor Multipurpose Performing Arts and Entertainment Center(MPC) overwhelming approved by the voters as part of the 2012 Quality of Life Bonds is gaining momentum. 

The City of El Paso selected a site immediately south of the Convention Center for the $180 million Multipurpose Performing Arts and Entertainment Center. The MPC – one of three signature projects of the 2012 bond program – will provide a venue for athletic, performance, cultural and recreational events in the heart of El Paso’s Downtown. The ordinance calling for the election stated the multipurpose facility would be located in "Downtown El Paso."

MPC Master Planning Area

The MPC master planning area is bounded by West San Antonio Avenue, South Santa Fe Street, West Paisano Drive and Leon Street. The City will not acquire all properties within the target area – only the smallest area possible footprint will be acquired to disrupt the fewest number of landowners and tenants.

The objective of the site selection was to find the best location possible within the downtown area that impacts the fewest number of properties, supports the vibrancy of Downtown, avoids demolishing tax improved projects, and keeps acquisition costs low.

Property Acquisition, Relocation Process

There will be community meetings scheduled to discuss the MPC development and to provide impacted property owners and tenants with the opportunity to discuss the land acquisition process. The structured negotiation property acquisition process will include a relocation program for residential and commercial landowners and their tenants. 

Each relocation plan will be tailored to each situation. Everyone impacted will be relocated in accordance with the law. The City will negotiate in good faith with property owners to reach agreement on the purchase price. 

Properties within the MPC footprint 

The City has identified a total of 22 properties for the MPC footprint. Out of those parcels five are vacant or surface lots, one is a sliver of a privately-owned alley, seven are commercial, seven are residential and two are city owned. 

The project design professionals will be asked to incorporate the following City properties into the arena development: Fire Station #11 located at 314 South Leon Street, which is and will remain operational; the closed and vacant Fire Station #11, a Trost & Trost Building located at the northwest corner of South Santa Fe and West Paisano, and the Firefighters' Memorial Park located at 316 West Overland Avenue, which is and will remain open to the public.


 Chihuahua Overland Santa Fe Paisano Leon
305 Chihuahua                   212 Overland                307 Santa Fe            301 Paisano              314 Leon           
308 Chihuahua                    216 Overland                  309 Santa Fe                 
309 Chihuahua                   220 Overland                  325 Santa Fe               
312 Chihuahua                   224 Overland                
331 Santa Fe (city owned)         
314 Chihuahua (city owned)  306 Overland                    
315 Chihuahua                          
321 Chihuahua

323 Chihuahua                
325 Chihuahua                         
327 Chihuahua                        

MPC Project Cultural Site

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