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Program 2007

El Narciso en su opinión

Brigham Young University, Utah

By: Guillén de Castro y Bellvis

Directed by: Anna-Lisa Halling

Starring: Nels Johnson, Jared White, Chris Larson, Chris Nielsen, Sarah Haynie, Fran Morón, Jorge Torres, Jessica Wise, Sarah Butler, Joseph Hegstrom Pratt, Jesse Hegstrom Oakey, Sofia Adams

Adapted by: no adaptation, original play

Sets & Costume design: Emily Tobey

Lighting design: Todd K. Mack and Anna-Lisa Halling

Makeup design: Sarah Haynie

Production Manager: Todd K. Mack

Photos by: Vanessa Swenson

Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Presented in Spanish

Recommended for all audiences

Synopsis: Brianda is in a serious bind. Her father, Pedro, wants to marry her off to one of her two cousins. Brianda, however, is not in love with either of them. She hatches a plan to escape from her sticky situation, including disguising her criada as a dama in order to draw off Gutierre, one of her suitors. Although Gutierre falls head over heels in love with the “dama,” he also compromises his sister, Mencía, by promising her to Marqués, Lucía true love. Things get complicated as we learn that Gonzalo, the other suitor, is actually in love with Mencía. Can Brianda dissuade Gutierre from giving his sister to Marqués? Will she ever be able to wed her true love? Find answers to these questions and more in the bewildering comedia El Narciso en su opinion, by Guillén de Castro.

La villana de Vallecas

Teatro Rodante Universitario - San Juan, Puerto Rico

By: Tirso de Molina

Directed by: Dean Zayas

Starring: Yesibel Falcón Vincenty, Wilmarí Morales Santiago, Karimar Pérez Casiano, Carlos Joel Flores, Jonathan Cardenales, Luis Omar O’Farril, Heriberto Cruz Feliciano, Israel Franco-Müller, Xavier Cldero, Jonathan Arroyo, Milton M.Cordero, Christian Nieves, Omarjadhir Flores, Edwin Emil González, Bryan Villarini

Adapted by: Dean Zayas

Sets & Costume design: Ramonita Toro, Genoveva Tirado, Clara tirado, Felipa Mariño, Yamilka Márquez, Zulivet Díaz

Lighting design: Ariel Cuevas y Tamara Walker

Makeup design: Adair Morales Santiago, Carmen F. Cruz García, Mei-Ling Ramos Pérez, Alejandra Meléndez García, Ayra Texidor Moreno y Andrea Rivera López

Production Manager: Dean Zayas

Photos by: Jose Perez Mesa

Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Presented in Spanish

Recommended for all audiences

Synopsis: This production by Tirso de Molina is a comedy of identities, in which no one is who they appear to be. Some of Tirso’s topics in this play get to the bottom of what we see and hear much in the manner of other Tirso’s plays such as La villana de la Sagra or El vergonzoso en Palacio

No hay burlas con el amor

Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático, Murcia, Spain

By: Pedro Calderón de la Barca

Directed by: Francisco Garcia Vicente

Starring: Antonio Blaya, Francisco Pardo, Ricardo Arqueros, Neila Díaz, Lucía Padilla, Jerusa Arias, Miguel Cegarra

Adapted by: Francisco Garcia Vicente

Sets & Costume design: María Vicente, Producciones Swing, Ahora Teatro

Lighting design: Luisma Soriano

Original music & soundtrack: Rafael Párraga

Makeup design: Ana Vivancos

Production Manager: Juan Ángel Serrano Masegoso

Photos by: Juan Carlos Alba

Running time: 90 minutes

Presented in Spanish

Recommended for all audiences

Synopsis: Don Alonso, a don juanish elegant fellow, who makes fun of love in trying to help his friend, is implicated in a series of amusing and complicated situations. At the end, he will become the seducer seduced.

Risas aqui y después … ¡ganancia!

Grupo La Hormiga - Lerma-Burgos, Spain

By: Lope de Vega

Directed by: Norberto Vázquez Freijo

Starring: Paco Ventura, Luismi Orcajo, Antonia Alvarez, Charo Alvarez, Juli Pérez, Marga Ruiz, Maite Diez, Elena Ruiz

Adapted by: Norberto Vázquez Freijo

Sets & Costume design: La Hormiga

Lighting design: Norberto Vázquez Freijo

Original music & soundtrack: Olga Servidio & Gerardo Delgado

Makeup design: Grupo La Hormiga

Production Manager: Todd K. Mack

Photos by: Mario Angeleri

Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Presented in Spanish

Recommended for all audiences

Synopsis: This presentation is a contemporary adaptation of several of Pedro Calderón de la Barca’s one-act farces and short light comedies by Norberto Vázquez Freijo. A troupe of actors is involved in a car accident after finishing a performance in a nearby town. Still dressed in their stage costumes, the actors wake a sleeping homeless man who mistakes them for the Devil, Death and other supernatural characters.

La cueva de Salamanca

Universidad de Veracruz

By: Juan Ruiz de Alarcón

Directed by: Ramiro Sotelo

Starring: Abril Ruiz, Anna Arocha, Gabriela Martínez, Karen Utrera, Felipe Galván, Fernando Flurens, José de Jesús Benites, Carlos Hernández, Paloma Avalos, Domingo Adame

Adapted by: Ramiro Sotelo

Sets & Costume design: Fernando Payán

Lighting design: Eduardo Mier Hughes

Makeup design: Universidad de Veracruz

Production Manager: Fernando Payán

Photos by: Universidad de Veracruz

Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Presented in Spanish

Recommended for all audiences

Synopsis: A mischievous and innocent joke by three young students trying to make fun of the authority turns into a serious mess and disorder which affect important Court officials and noble men. The incident leaves some people dead and wounded, and the students are forced to run away from justice and avoid being apprehended. They find asylum in the humble home of Enrico, who possesses extraordinary magician qualities, Enrico’s home is known by everyone in town as “La cueva de Salamanca.” Enrico becomes no only the students’ protector but also their teacher of the art of magic. Don Garcia, one of the students involved in the struggle, is not as fortunate as the rest and ends in prison. Don Garcia and Don Diego both love Doña Clara and have to struggle to get her hand in marriage, but only one of them will succeed.