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Chamizal National Memorial

Chamizal National MemorialOne of 390 National Park Service sites, Chamizal National Memorial was established in 1966 to commemorate the peaceful settlement of a nearly 100-year boundary dispute between the U.S. and Mexico. After settling the “Chamizal problem” as it was often referred to, both countries agreed that it should never be forgotten how they worked together through friendship, diplomacy, and cooperation to resolve their differences.

As a way of commemorating the past, Chamizal National Memorial promotes the spirit of friendship and understanding by serving as a cultural center for the borderland community. The Memorial provides a place for people of all cultures to come together, set aside their differences, and learn more about each other by focusing on the things in which they share a common interest such as history, cultural demonstrations, art, theater, music, and dance.

Since its modest beginning at the Chamizal National Memorial in the spring of 1976, the Siglo de Oro Spanish Drama Festival has attained an international reputation for presenting quality presentations, in both English and Spanish, of Spain's Golden Age by theatrical groups from around the globe. The week-long festival celebrates Spain's Siglo de Oro, or Golden Age, in which luminaries such as Lope de Vega, Miguel de Cervantes and Calderón de la Barca left a heritage of classical drama that has enriched the world with its beauty and passion.  

Today the Siglo de Oro Spanish Drama Festival is an important cultural manifestation that has become an international endeavor that contributes genuinely and effectively to society on both sides of the border. Over the past thirty-one years the Festival has hosted more than 250 productions from fifteen countries, involving more than 150 directors and 3,000 cast members, playing before a combined audience of 125,000.

Los Paisanos de El Chamizal

Los Paisanos de El ChamizalLos Paisanos del Chamizal is the Chamizal’s National Memorial‘s Friends Group a non-profit organization founded in 1971. The mission of Los Paisanos is to nourish public and private support for Chamizal National Memorial, a component of the U.S. National Park Service. Los Paisanos provide volunteer and financial support for the promotion and preservation of the park’s resources. Los Paisanos activities further support the primary mission of Chamizal National Memorial, which is to commemorate a unique instance o a peaceful resolution to a long-standing boundary dispute between the U.S. and Mexico. Through its interpretive messages, Los Paisanos increase visitor awareness to continually value cooperation, diplomacy and cultural values as a basic means of conflict resolution.Los Paisanos are the park’s sole advocacy group. Membership is comprised of local community leaders who support and promote Chamizal National Memorial and its programming within the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez borderland community. Furthermore, Los Paisanos provide support through hosting high profile events, such as Siglo de Oro, as well as gallery receptions, fundraising projects, and through participation in long-range planning for the Memorial.

City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department (MCAD)

City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department (MCAD)The City of El Paso is a long-time supporter of Siglo de Oro. For over three decades, Siglo de Oro has been enriching the cultural life of El Paso by providing extraordinary performing arts experience through live classical theatre for the El Paso community and the region. Year after year, the beautiful Chamizal National Memorial theatre conducts sellout performances with over 400 spectators each night. The mission of the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department (MCAD) is to assist in developing a world-class arts community in El Paso, Texas. To accomplish this goal the MCAD has established The Museums Division comprised of the El Paso Museum of Art, the El Paso Museum of Archaeology and the El Paso Museum of History each dedicated to providing exhibitions and educational activities that recognize the region's multi-cultural heritage and contributors. The Cultural Affairs Division implements funding programs, public art programs, cultural tourism initiatives and performing/visual arts events that provide a variety of opportunities to engage in arts and cultural activities that enliven and celebrate the City of El Paso and the region. The Museums and Cultural Affairs Department is committed to the continued development of the City's arts industry, providing quality programs that are representative of the city's diverse cultures; and to maximizing available resources in order to enhance the city's cultural vitality.

Association for Hispanic Classical Theatre (AHCT)

For many years The Association for Hispanic Classical Theater has provided support and collaboration for the Chamizal National Memorial's Siglo de Oro Drama Festival.  The Association for Hispanic Classical Theater, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1984 to promote and foster greater appreciation for Spain's classical drama in production. An international organization, the Association counts among its members literary scholars, theatrical directors and producers, teachers, and other aficionados of Spain's Golden Age of Theater. The Association maintains a rare collection of Spanish Renaissance and Baroque plays on film and videotape. The materials in the Association's visual library are available to its members and serve as resources for scholarly investigations, an invaluable repertoire for theatrical companies, exciting tools for the classroom, and delightful entertainment for the general public. Their web page: www.comedias.org, offers additional information about the Classical Spanish Theater as well as texts of plays in Spanish and English translation."

Consulate General of México in El Paso

Consulate General of México in El PasoThe Consulate General of México in El Paso provides protection services to Mexican citizens and documentation services to Mexicans and foreigners. The Consulate also provides services targeting the community of Mexican origin that includes education, health, community organization and sports. Other services include cultural and business promotion. The Consulate General of Mexico in El Paso serves populations residing in West Texas and Southern New Mexico.