Powers and Duties of the Mayor


The Mayor shall be recognized as head of the City government for all ceremonial purposes and by the governor for purposes of military law but shall have no administrative duties except as may be specifically provided in this Charter.

The Mayor shall be a member of and preside over the City Council, having the power to propose legislation; represent the City in intra-governmental and intergovernmental relationships; appoint with the consent of the Council the members of citizen advisory boards and commissions; make appointments and perform duties pursuant to federal and state law; present an annual state of the City message, break tie votes, veto legislation except for any City Council action which removes the City Manager, convene the Council in special session and perform other duties specified by the Council.


Under the authority of the Council, the Mayor shall sign all lawful acts of the Council, such as ordinances, resolutions, conveyances, grant agreements, plats, contracts and bonds. The Council may by ordinance provide that additional designated officials may sign such acts of Council on behalf of the Mayor, as provided by law.

The Mayor shall have the sole authority to appoint and remove the Mayor’s Executive Secretary and Executive Assistant(s).


At the first meeting upon the start of new terms of office following each general election, the Council shall elect from among the Representatives a Mayor Pro Tempore, who shall hold that office for a two year term. Should the office of Mayor Pro Tempore become vacant, the Council shall elect a new Mayor Pro Tempore.

During the absence or disability of the Mayor, the Mayor Pro Tempore shall act as Mayor, but shall vote as a Representative, and shall have no veto power.

In the event of the absence of both the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tempore, the Council shall elect an alternate Mayor Pro Tempore to serve until the return of the Mayor or Mayor Pro Tempore.