• Currently E-Fast Pass tags may be purchased on our website or at the Toll Plaza Office, located adjacent to the toll booths at the Zaragoza Toll Bridge. In the near future, the tags will also be available at the Stanton Street Bridge and at the One Stop Shop, at 811 Texas.
  • The minimum amount of credit to open an account will be $20 for a passenger vehicle and $20 for a commercial vehicle.
  • The tags may be purchased using cash, or check with proper identification. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted but a 1.98% service charge will be added. After the initial account opening payments in any amount may be made in the form of check or money order sent by mail; or online using a credit card. (No service charge for on-line payments.)
  • Vehicles using a tag may use any Southbound lane at the Stanton or Zaragoza Bridges.
  • Any check returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a $30.00 service charge.
  • Patrons may call at any time to find out the balance of their account; this information is also displayed on the fare display as you use your tag. Customers may also check their balance through our EPTOLL website https://eptoll.elpasotexas.gov after registering your account for online viewing. 
  • Our online access allows you to view recent toll activity, balance and other account information, view detailed account activity by tag number, view and print account statements for any month in the year, and make payments in any amount using a credit card – as an added bonus, there is no additional fee charged for payments made online. Currently there is a 1.98% charge added to credit card payments made in person.